The Naughty List – 2011

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StaniClaus is making his list and checking it twice

Those who are Naughty, I’m not into nice

To get on my list, tell me your vice

I’ll pop my Fangs if you’re concise



The Naughty List (yes if you want on you MUST comment with your vice(s) that will get you on the list, StaniClaus is the sole judge of your (Un)worthiness):




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A Fire Rekindled

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Caroline Holliday Bellefleur at 19

MY Caroline!


76 Years? Seems like yesterday. We’re telling the story of how we began here: .

This is the story of how we’ve rekindled what we had, lost, regained, lost again, and now have again. Head spinning yet?

@MeeMawBellefleu, MY Caroline Holliday Bellefleur turned 99 just a few days ago. Considering I’m 1,502, she is just a babe in swaddling clothes. For a Human though, she is advanced in age. I know you look at the picture and think, what? She looks barely 20? That’s a combination of my blood, some ancient magicks and the will of Caroline. Yes, she hasn’t realized it, but her basic zest for life and youthful outlook contributes to the magick that keeps her young.

You are all aware of the odyssey that has been my Unlife for the last 9 months. (see prior blog posts). When I learned from my stalwart security man Joseph Di Nicola @MeeMawSecurity1 that Caroline intended to marry that Rogue Vincenzo Molinaro @VincenzoVamp it triggered what I had been denying all along.

Caroline is the one. Yes in the Vampire world she is Mine. But this was more. This was something I had locked deep away for 1,268 years. Since the day I destroyed my maker and closed that part of my life that was Human. Since I decided I would not love again like I loved the wife I lost.

I acted and whisked Caroline away before she could join That Rogue and be lost to me. I brought her to the place where I would have no interference, and where my Humanity had been left behind. Romania, the Carpathian Mountains, and the castle I had recently re-acquired. Caroline is a stubborn stubborn woman! It has taken time, patience, and most of all just being honest with her.

My Caroline values honesty very highly. It took being honest with her, and really, her being honest with herself for us to reconcile. The post title is a bit of a misnomer. Our fire has never needed rekindling. We are explosive together. I feel it and I know she does too. What’s different now?

I am being honest with myself and committing to her like she has to me. Where do we go from here? Stay tuned, it’s sure to be a wild ride and never boring!

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A Messy Ending

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Why do endings go so badly? 1,502 and I’m still completely inept when it comes to relationships. I fell in love with Annabella Octavian @Annabella_O as you all know by now. I completely bungled telling the great long lost and re-found love of my life, Caroline Holliday Bellefleur @MeeMawBellefleu. When she learned of it 2nd hand she took a bad fall down the grand staircase in Belle Rive and fell into a deathly coma. When I found out I rushed off to her, leaving Annabella without even a word.

It took several weeks to find Annabella, she had run off to her scientific life, and get her back and get us back to where we were before I left. We were deep into wedding planning, (well she was) when disaster struck. An old enemy kidnapped her in Brazil. I wasn’t there, I wasn’t even aware. (we never Bonded). Annabella was almost killed. If not for the quick actions of a certain Vampire , who as it turns out is infatuated with her, she most certainly would have died. Stupid, stupid me. What was I thinking?

In baseball terms, 3 strikes and you’re out? I lost my human wife and life to Vampires as I was turned. I disappeared from Caroline’s life 76 years ago due to a combination of complex factors, including seeing she could have a wonderful human life, Vampire politics and duty, and the fact that we were still hidden from the world. Now here I was again, seeing that as a Vampire King this young woman would be in constant danger, require round the clock security, and again would be denied the opportunity for a normal human life. I know she says she’s not interested in children. I also know eventually her scientist will take over and understand that her genes are far to valuable to not pass them on to the next generation. I can only hope whomever she’s involved with also understands the importance of this.

When Annabella returned from Brazil, infatuated Vampire in tow, I knew what I had done. I acted, swiftly, cruelly, and completely ineptly. I ended it.

So now, I’ve taken Caroline away as SHE was about to make a huge mistake and marry a Rogue Vampire. But that’s another story that I’ll tell in due time.

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Hunting Annabella

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I’m Hunting @Annabella_O.

I did another Vampire brained thing. My past and recent love Caroline Bellefleuer @MeeMawBellefleu was dying. It was my fault. I failed to tell her myself I had fallen in love with Annabella and am engaged. She learned from her Grandson – in – law (@LukePreston_BT) when he learned of it as Annabella and I were passing through Monroe to meet with him and his colleague to get information about some new Supe drug they are developing.

I had every intention of telling Caroline myself after returning from Romania. In my view, it was only right to tell Annabella’s only living relative, the women who raised her, her Grandmother, first about us. While there, Caroline learned of the engagement and apparently fell down the stairs of Belle Rive.

Now understand, Caroline is 95 and was not “changed” at that point to well… let’s just say she was completely 95 so naturally gravely injured and in a coma. Fortunately Luke called me to come and help him save her as she was fading fast. I went, but left right away without even stopping to explain to Annabella. I fear she thought the worse and has now gone off my grid.

You see, I have not Bonded with Annabella, so no Vampire GPS to even begin to know where she is or how she’s feeling. I MUST find her! I have to set things straight! Annabella is the one I entend to marry, and spend the rest of her life with! Since we met THERE HAS BEEN NO OTHER!

I’m getting frantic. I think I’ve figured out what she’s doing and where she is. Tonight at sunset in Berlin I go to her hotel.


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We’re getting married!

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We’re getting married! What? I know! I never thought it would happen. Not in this way with a human. I expected at some point to marry for Vampire politics, but looks like love has won out over politics. Am I being selfish? Am I being short-sighted? Perhaps I’m being as close to human as I can ever hope to be.

My cold dead heart is filled and I’ve only felt like this twice before in my 1,500 years of existence as human or Vampire. I passed this chance up as Vampire once before, I will not this time.

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My Homeland through Annabella’s eyes

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We’re in my homeland, Romania. Annabella is Romanian, but seeing the modern Romania through her eyes gives me new appreciation for it’s beauty, grace, and the melding of tradition with the present. She’s taken to the Gypsy’s near where my village once stood. They’ve taken to her too, they whisper she’s their long lost Princess. I hear them speaking in hushes tones when they think we’re not paying attention.

We’re going to see her Bunică, that’s Grandmother in English, who raised her.  Annabella says she has a family bible with the whole family history in it. I’m anxious to see how far back it goes. For now, I’m enjoying our time here and trying to remember the good times from my human life.

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Annabella’s Journal Entry

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There are a lot of things women fall in love with. A beautiful country, a beautiful man, a beautiful pair of shoes…but I fell in love with science. I think that the first time I remember something clicking was when I was about four years old and summering in Romania. I was playing outside my grandfather’s farm and fell, busting my knee open. To keep me from having a little meltdown he explained to me (to the best of his knowledge) how this wound would heal, why, and the process. I remember something clicking and making me think ‘If I know how it works, I don’t fear it.’

I’ve applied that to most of my life. If I know how something works, what makes it work, the ins and outs…I don’t fear it. It’s control over a situation, which I like to keep. Control over my emotions and reactions as well. Not to brag, but I was a fantastic student. I’ve always been the leadership in everything I have done, and science has always come first. On paper my life looks amazing, but recently it’s been what you wouldn’t see on the paper that makes it worth living. One to be envious of.

I was just a girl with a microscope and now, I’m a girl with a microscope and mission that’s very, very, close to home.

Stan Davis showed up in my life like a dang hurricane. I don’t think either one of us intended for it to happen like it did but there is some undeniable, almost  mystical tie between the two of us. Instantly knowing that we can trust each other and instantly feeling like we can accomplish anything together. No really, we think we can accomplish anything together. Take a look at our last projects, Super V. Not only have we successfully replicated it into a synthetic form, we are nearly done with making a low dose, extended release capsule in which the average human can take and enjoy in moderation. I can only guess what project the two of us would have drummed up for world pharmaceutical domination but there is a slight bump in our road now.

Stan allows me a lot of things that I love. He gives me room, space, independence, scientific toys and labs. (Better than a diamond any day for this girl.) He gives me security and makes me feel very safe, and adored. He allows me control over the things he knows I need to feel in control of and he takes control in other areas where he knows I find it old fashioned, and meaningful. He allows me to be who I am and never, ever, has tried to change that. I guess you could say that I skipped the shoes and country, and fell in love with the beautiful man.

Which is why I’m terrified. I’d never use the words ‘Stan is sick’ to him or his nest. I think that’s an understatement and to a vampire maybe a bit of a insult. But anytime I say ‘muted abilities’ that’s exactly what I mean. He’s fed from an Elf which has given him the ability to Day Walk, and while this could be useful in so many areas for him, beyond just the pleasure of the sun…I’m afraid it’s going to change him permanently. The scariest part is I don’t know what it would change him into. I’m working on reigning in that fear with the fervent battle for knowledge in what we are dealing with.

The lab is running hot and heavy and I have a plan of attack. Maybe my unwavering optimism that everything is going to be okay stems from my heart telling me there’s no other choice. Everything has to be okay, I give it no other options, I give this situation no other alternative.

– Annabella

Annabella O!

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This 1500 old Vampire was surprised recently. A Human of all things really surprised me. I’ve been hunting my Halo nemesis GreenGuy6969. That “dude” always gets the best of me! A couple of weeks ago I got the drop on him! After the battle we hooked up in chat and low and behold GreenGuy6969 was a woman! I very striking redheaded woman. Surprise number 1. She was located in Houston. Surprise number 2.

Well, me being me, I managed to get her to agree to meeting me in Houston. We met, she visited my Downtown Houston Penthouse, and we had a pretty good time. Interestingly enough, I didn’t bite or get intimate with her. Surprise number 3. I discovered she is a Geneticist and works in a Lab my company owns. Surprise number 4. My intuition clicked in and I offered her the Penthouse. What the Frak got into me? She agreed. Surprise number 5. Of course I had some checking done and lo and behold, she was working on the synthetic Super V project!  Surprise number 6.

I asked her to keep me updated on her work, she had no idea she was working with Super V. When she reported success I had to tell her what she was working on. Then I proposed something audacious. (When do I not though) I would come back to Houston and we would test it. She agreed. Surprise number 7.

This week I came back to Houston. We tested the Super V. On her. Yes, she agreed to it. Surprise number 8. As Super V does what it does we got to know each other quite well. It was spectacular! The Super V testing went very well, doesn’t seem to be addictive.  Brilliant as she is, she recognized it would need to have metered doses that are time released. She even thought up a name. SV-XR. Surprise number 9.  I told her I want it in a liquicap form.

I have to say, after the Super V wore off I got surprise number 10. Annabella really is spectacular, she’s invaded my dreams. Yes, Vampires dream, we just don’t talk about them. Enough though, no more secrets for now.

I’ll be back to Houston. Often.

Goodbye Facebook

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A few thoughts about the Facebook fiasco for those who Role Play (RP) and had RP accounts on Facebook.

Sorry folks, Facebook was completely within their rights to disable your accounts. I had one and it got disabled, I think I had north of 4,000 “friends”. I really only got on there to approve “friend” requests anyway, one less thing to do.

I know many of you utilized it to RP and enhance your character(s). I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you find another venue to express your wonderful talents.

So what to do next? Simple, be a good FB Citizen and if you have a “real” FB account, search out and report all “fake” accounts. Help FB maintain their TOS! After all when FB finally does go IPO it will help increase their value to many gazillion dollars. 😉

I am, @VampireStan

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The Naughty List part deux

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Who will make the list this year? We shall see…























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